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Home Birth Midwifery Care


Prenatal Appointments

Midwives are responsible for the well being of you and your unborn baby during pregnancy.  Under our care, you will receive regular assessments including lab work, fetal checks, important health screenings, and emotional check-ins with you and your partner, while providing education so you can make informed choices.  Prenatal appointments occur monthly until 28 weeks, then bi-weekly until 35-weeks.  We come to your home for a home visit at 36-weeks (and bring your birth kit & birth tub!) and then see you weekly thereafter. 


Labor & Birth

We will be in close communication toward the end of your pregnancy and throughout your early labor.  

We will arrive to your home during active labor and monitor you and baby throughout your birth and early postpartum hours.  You can expect intermittent monitoring of your baby’s heart rate, vital signs checks of the laboring person and suggestions around nutrition and hydration, activity and rest, and intervention if the medical need arises.


Postpartum Care

We will stay in your home for the first 3-5 hours after birth to assess the needs of both the client and baby.  During this time, you can expect physical exams and vitals checks, a newborn exam, assistance with breast/chestfeeding and tidying of the birth space.

To ensure that the entire family feels supported during this transition, you can expect in-home postpartum visits at 24-hours, day-3, day-7, and 2 weeks; we see you back in our office 4 weeks and 6 weeks. 

More visits provided if the need arises.

What can you expect to pay for a home birth?

What is included in the package?

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