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Hybrid MidwifeyCare

Hybrid Midwifery Care


Prenatal Care

Under our care, you will receive regular assessments including lab work, fetal checks, important health screenings, and emotional check-ins with you and your partner, while providing education so you can make informed choices.  We will see you on a regular prenatal schedule:  monthly until 28 weeks, then bi-weekly until 35 weeks.  We come to your home for a home visit at 36 weeks and then see you weekly thereafter.  If you choose, you can receive co-care from your OB-GYN to address any high-risk elements of your pregnancy or to simply get more comfortable with hospital staff.


Labor & Birth

We will be in close communication toward the end of your pregnancy and throughout your early labor. During active labor, you have the option of an in-home check to assess your well-being and vitals, an assessment of your baby’s well-being, and a cervical exam, if desired before your leave to the hospital. 

Should you choose to leave the hospital immediately after birth, we will support you in your transition home and resume medical assessments of both you and your newborn.

*Please note that we do not join hybrid clients at the hospital.  Doula's support is strongly encouraged.



The postpartum care schedule will look different for each client, depending on discharge from the hospital. 

We provide comprehensive support tailored to your individual needs, ensuring a smooth transition into motherhood. From lactation support to newborn care and guidance, we prioritize you and your baby's well-being every step of the way. This includes four in-home visits, typically at day 3, day 5, day 9, and day 14; we see you back in our office at 4 weeks, and 6 weeks to finalize care for this pregnancy.  

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